Why Does Your Writing Need Critical Care?

Why does any patient need a doctor?

T.S. Elliot affectionately christened his books children. William Faulkner dubbed them darlings.

Your children or darlings shouldn’t suffer any longer.

Your writing needs urgent care, and I’m here to restore its health. Once your writing enters The Writing Emergency Room, I, an English professional, will diagnose and treat it with the care and attention it deserves. Whether ill in the areas of focus, organization, style, grammar, or mechanics, your writing will exit cured, happy, and sure to please.

Physician’s Philosophy

Anne Frank said, “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” The same is true for seemingly bad writing; unlocked potential for greatness resides at its core. Like seemingly bad people, seemingly bad writing merely needs someone to recognize its potential. Without this special person to listen to the heart of the document, writers may experience low writing esteem.  Or, writers may possess subject-area expertise but lack formal English-training to bring their writing to the next level. They think their writing isn’t good enough, or they don’t consider themselves real writers. As a result, they don’t share their art with the world.

Your art needs to be shared.

“In spite of everything”—the lethargic “lead” or the plague of comma splices- your writing is better than good enough; it is exceptional!

Go on. Contact me today. Your “children” can’t endure another day rotting on your USB drive. Admit them into the Writing Emergency Room. Let me use my training and passion to capture your vision and present it at optimal health. They, and the world, will thank you later..